Dates for RAMA (SQP) Written and Oral Assessments

Written assessment dates

Each written module will take place on a particular day of the week, within each of the assessment weeks. See the full document " Online written exams: Instructions and Information for Candidates and Employers" if in any doubt.

Don’t forget that everyone needs to pass the viva (oral) Assessment as well as the written assessments relevant to their enrolment with AMTRA. See further down this page for more on the viva exams.

Assessment period
Module(s) on this day
Companion Animal and Veterinary Nurse
Farm Animal
Assessment period
Booking deadline
13-17 December 202
22 November 2021
14-18 February 2022
24 January 2022
21-25 March 2022
28 February 2022
25-29 April 2022
4 April 2022
23-27 May 2022
3 May 2022

Dates for the online vivas are given further down this page.

How to book your place

Please return the Assessment booking form to us.

On the form, make sure you include the date for each module you wish to book - don't forget to include the Base module as well as species module(s) if that's appropriate for you. And do include the viva (oral) Assessment if you're ready to book that too.

If you wish to spread out your modules over multiple assessment periods, that's fine, and there's no additional charge.

If you already know what you want to do when, you can book them all in one go even for different months, or you can book them individually as and when you're ready - it's up to you. Also, there's no requirement to do them in a particular order - whatever works best for you.

Online vivas

Online vivas are undertaken via Zoom, and can be booked now. There is no need to wait until the written exams - you can take the viva before the written exams and get it out of the way (or do it afterwards if you wish). Subject to certain conditions, the viva Assessment can be taken from home or work or any suitable location of your choosing.

To book your viva, please return the Assessment Booking form.

Viva Assessment Date Notes
Monday 07/02/2022 Booking deadline passed
Thursday 17/02/2022 now FULL
Friday 18/02/2022 now FULL. Revalidation viva also available.
Wednesday 23/02/2022 now FULL
Tuesday 08/03/2022 Book by 28/02/2022
Friday 25/03/2022 now FULL. Revalidation vivas also available
Thursday 07/04/2022 Book by 30/04/2022
Wednesday 20/04/2022 Book by 12/04/2022. Revalidation vivas also available.
Friday 06/05/2022 Book by 28/04/2022
Wednesday 18/05/2022 Book by 18/05/2022. Revalidation vivas also available.

Revalidation viva (previously known as CPD exam)

If you're looking for information about the "revalidation viva" (previously known as the CPD exam) for those without enough CPD points, please see the revalidation viva page.

Training providers

Note that AMTRA does not offer any assurances as to the quality or appropriateness of the training offered by any of the providers listed on this website: candidates should make their own checks. AMTRA welcomes feedback on the training providers, and reserves the right to remove a training provider from this website. Organisations or individuals wishing to be listed here should contact the AMTRA Secretary General.

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