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Welcome to AMTRA

AMTRA is a not-for-profit organisation, working since 1986 to support the long term future of the SQP sector, managing the SQP registration for almost 7000 AMTRA SQPs.

AMTRA is appointed by the Secretary of State to keep its Register of SQPs, which brings associated responsibilities including an effective disciplinary process to take action in the case of SQPs not following the SQP Code of Practice, together with a mandatory system of CPD.

Additionally, AMTRA undertakes a number of other activities to support AMTRA SQPs, helping to support and enhance the quality of AMTRA SQPs, the service they provide to animal owners, and supporting their long-term future.

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CPD events including AHDA/AMTRA CPD roadshow

Where asked to do so by the CPD organiser, AMTRA will publish on its website information on accredited CPD seminars available to SQPs (but most seminars are publicised by other means). See the CPD events open to all SQPs.

Farm-animal compulsory CPD on resistance and parasite control

For the vast majority of farm-animal SQPs, the period of the compulsory farm CPD is now over. A few people have a later deadline. Some 97.3% of farm SQPs met the deadline; the remainder have had their farm-animal registration removed and now face sitting a written exam. Additional details…

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Looking for forms?

If you’re already familiar with the system of becoming an SQP and are just looking for a particular form, you can now find them all in one place on our forms page.