Your equine SQP representative on the AMTRA council – Kirsty McGovern

Kirsty McGovern was elected to the AMTRA council as equine SQP representative in 2017, and is currently a buyer for Millbry Hill, having worked in the equestrian retail industry for 17 years.

Kirsty has been an SQP for over 10 years, and is also a WQP for Armstrong Richardson.

“I have a keen interest in developing the SQP role and I always enjoy a new challenge,” explains Kirsty. “I have seen a lot of changes within the industry and feel that we still need to work on how we can best communicate with the customer.

“Now that I am elected onto the AMTRA council, which has been a great achievement for me and a role I enjoy, I hope I can be of benefit to other experienced and aspiring SQPs,” she continues.

Kirsty feels it is a two-way relationship, as SQPs need to talk to customers, get to know them, show an interest, and importantly listen to them.

This helps establish key facts about the animal, its environment and lifestyle, but also gives the customer the confidence and helps them feel a part of the process.

Concluding, Kirsty says, “I feel that an SQP is an invaluable asset to a business as they can really engage with a customer and build a trust that allows a customer to feel they are doing the best for their animals, after all that should be our top priority.”

Contact Kirsty on 01642 718 285 or [email protected]