Your companion animal SQP representative on the AMTRA council – Sharon Groves

Sharon Groves, owner of independent pet and smallholder store, Pets with Hart in Newport on the Isle of Wight, was elected as a companion animal SQP representative in 2017. A gold standard SQP, Sharon is actually an R-SQP but due to the demographics on the Isle of Wight, she concentrates on the small animal sector.

“I feel I can share my experiences with other SQPs and represent the point of view of the independent sector,” says Sharon. “I am hugely appreciative of the work of AMTRA, AHDA and the VMD in supporting the SQP.”

As well as running the business with her husband David, Sharon is regularly seen at industry events, and she also breeds and successfully shows Saddleback pigs.

Sharon is passionate about passing on her experiences to other up and coming SQPs and putting the independent sector’s point of view across, as well as acting as a sounding board for others.

You can reach Sharon at Pets with Hart on 01983 522019 or [email protected]