Meet your veterinary nurse SQP representative on the AMTRA council – Alison Holloway

Alison Holloway of Rase Veterinary Centre’s Spilsby surgery in Lincolnshire, was elected onto the AMTRA council as the RVN-SQP representative in 2017.

A farmer’s daughter and keen horse-owner from Lincolnshire, Alison is keen to champion the role of the RVN-SQP within practices of all sizes, having qualified herself as an R-SQP in 2009 with the second highest mark that year.

“I am driven by animal welfare and highly committed to responsible medicine use,” says Alison. “I am a particular advocate of preventative healthcare and biosecurity, routinely working with clients and vets to devise and implement health plans.”

Alison feels this unique role adds value for the client, supports the vets and offers experienced, qualified advice to clients with up-to-date product knowledge and animal health information.

“I am very keen to liaise with and represent SQPs and RVNs from all areas of the industry, and I hope my experience across many areas and species will add a positive contribution to the AMTRA council,” she adds.