Meet the National Veterinary Practice SQP of the Year – Dawn Prime

A well known name and face throughout the industry, Dawn was named Veterinary Practice SQP of the Year, at the 2018 National SQP Awards, in association with AMTRA, AHDA and OTC.

Dawn is a multi-award winning, gold-standard AMTRA SQP. She originally qualified as an EA-SQP in 2014 and become a fully qualified R-SQP in 2015, specialising in companion, equine, avian and farm animals.

She currently works as an independent R-SQP in a large mixed veterinary practice, which cares for patients across Norfolk and Suffolk.

Dawn’s specific role, which relates to her R-SQP, is as an Animal Medicine Advisor; offering choice and giving guidance on the safe and effective administration of medication.

She has always been very passionate about animal health and welfare. When growing up, Dawn spent a lot of time with her father on the farm, in his role as head herdsman.

This is where her passion started as she loved being on the farm, before, after and at times even when she was meant to be at school!

From there her passion with animals and their welfare just grew. As Dawn researched further, she realised that she could train and wanted to be committed in becoming an R-SQP.

Dawn says, “On a daily basis, SQPs become a very important link between the owner and their animal, both of whom we’ve become fond of and feel duty bound to give the best care possible, along with discussing other aspects of owning a pet, such as husbandry and nutrition.

“We all have a wide range of knowledge, and it is important customers know that there is an SQP in their practice, and feel comfortable in approaching us for this knowledge.”