Any SQP who does not gain sufficient CPD points during an AMTRA CPD period must pass an exam to demonstrate continuing competency before they will be permitted to renew their SQP status for the following year.

For example, an SQP not gaining enough CPD points by 30 June 2019 would not be permitted to renew their SQP status for 2020 without first passing this examination. (In the meantime, anyone in that situation remains an SQP until 31 December of the year in question.)

Additionally, those who wish to return to the SQP Register after an extended absence will normally have to pass this exam to demonstrate ongoing competency.

These examinations are managed by Harper Adams University but bookings must be made with AMTRA.

Booking the exam

Please complete the CPD exam booking form and return it to AMTRA with payment.

Duration of the examination will be as follows:

SQP Category

Exam duration

Total questions

A-, C-, J- or L-SQP

1.5 hours


E-, K-, G-, CA-, EA- or  JA-SQP

2 hours



2.5 hours


In accordance with the Harper Adams Assessment Regulations, all individuals will be required to remain in the examination room for a minimum of 35 minutes before they may leave. Examination candidates will be sent a confirmatory letter from Harper Adams University, stating the time and venue of their CPD Examination.  There is also a requirement to provide photographic ID to gain entry into the examination room.

Summary of examination information

  • The written examination will be a paper-based, timed assessment, relevant to your SQP qualification, which consists solely of multiple choice questions.
  • All sections of the examination paper should be addressed (but see also next point)
  • The questions are negatively marked, i.e. one incorrect answer = ⅓ mark deducted. If the question is not answered it will receive nil marks, and if answered correctly it will receive 1 mark.
  • Candidates must gain an overall mark of 60% to pass the examination.
  • There will be no appeal.
  • The exam questions are based on the AMTRA SQP training manual, available on Harper Adams University’s Learning Hub – see details on next page
  • Individuals are permitted up to four attempts at successfully completing the CPD examination

Success results in being eligible to remain on the SQP Register, at the discretion of AMTRA.

Please note that once the exam is passed, any candidate who is not on the current year’s SQP Register (such as those who have been absent for an extended period) will have to pay a standard reinstatement fee – reinstatement onto the Register is not automatic for such people.

Times and places for assessment

Anyone wishing to take the exam may do so at the same time as any of the normal SQP exams. For those centres offering a set of exams over two days (as most do), then the CPD exam is sat on the afternoon of the first day.

Preparation for assessment

SQPs should note that all of the topics that they might be asked about in the examination are covered in the standard AMTRA SQP training manual, also available via the Harper Adams Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), The Learning Hub. SQPs whose password has expired can reset login at SQPs who do not have current access to The Learning Hub should contact Harper Adams University (not AMTRA) on [email protected] or telephone 01952 815042 / 815458.

No dedicated training courses will be held for CPD examination revision, though the normal SQP training courses may be found helpful. SQPs may choose to purchase a further copy of the normal SQP Training Manual from AMTRA to assist them in preparing for the examination at a cost of £30 for R-SQPs or £25 for other categories.

All examination applications should be made to AMTRA directly. AMTRA will liaise with Harper Adams University, who will provide all applicants with final examination information. All bookings for examinations should be made no later than two weeks before the chosen examination date.

Assessment results

The outcome of the CPD Examination does not carry any Higher Education academic credits. It is solely at the decision of AMTRA as to whether individuals should be accepted onto the SQP Register.  Therefore, results will be reported by Harper Adams University to AMTRA, who will notify individuals directly. Feedback on the results is not provided.

CPD Exam Fees

A, C, J and L-SQPs: £173
E, K, G, CA, EA and JA-SQPs: £216
R-SQPs: £259

These fees are subject to revision at any time: the latest fees can be obtained from the AMTRA website or by contacting the AMTRA office.

You must tell AMTRA at least 4 weeks in advance if you wish to withdraw from an exam, otherwise a fee will be charged. These are currently:

  • £50 fee if a candidate cancels (including failing to show for the exam) after the two-week booking deadline, or
  • £30 fee if a candidate cancels between 4 and 2 weeks prior to the exam.

Although the fee is a cancellation/withdrawal fee, it is payable upon re-booking for a fresh exam.

Exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis but these should be exceptional – for instance, candidates should allow for traffic delays. Applications for consideration of exceptional circumstances should be made in writing to the AMTRA Secretary General.