Annual renewals for 2020

Information about renewing your SQP status for 2020 will be sent to all AMTRA SQPs in early October. You cannot pay until October. Anyone wanting to continue to act as an AMTRA SQP after 31 December 2019 should have paid their annual renewal fee or had it paid by their employer by 30 November to avoid late fees. VMD will be notified of those for whom no payment had been made.

When paid by 30 November 2019 for the following year, the renewal fee is:

  • farm-animal SQPs (those with the letters R, G, K or L in their prefix): £48, or £46 including the £2 discount described below
  • all other SQPs (those with the letters, C, E, J or A in their prefix): £43, or £41 including the £2 discount described below

A discount of £2 per person is available to those paying by the due date either online on the AMTRA website (either as individuals or smaller businesses paying for multiple SQPs), or for larger businesses managing their SQPs’ renewals on their behalf in an agreed manner.

A late payment fee is charged on those renewing after 30 November 2019 but by 31 March 2020, making the total fee £58. After this, the reinstatement fee is payable.