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Point of Sale materials and posters for use in store

AMTRA has created a range of Point of Sale (POS) materials for use in store, for companion animal, equine and farm animal businesses. These are intended to encourage animal owners to ask questions and engage with SQPs, rather than start the interaction with their mind already made up.

This includes a series of posters, and you can download all nine posters and print the one(s) you want.

A range of new leaflets, stickers, tent cards and shelf wobblers are now available. Contact the AMTRA office to trial your range of materials today…


2019 Renewals

Information about renewing your SQP status for 2019 was sent to all AMTRA SQPs in early October, with reminders in late October, November and December, with a final overdue notice in January. Anyone wanting to continue to act as an AMTRA SQP after 31 December 2018 should have paid their annual renewal fee or had it paid by their employer. VMD has been notified of those for whom no payment had been made.

The late payment fee is now £55 for all classes of SQP. To pay:

  • login online at and pay with debit or credit card for £55
  • Or return the printed renewal form to the AMTRA office with a cheque or debit/credit card details and payment of £55.

We do not take payments over the telephone, and do not accept payments by BACS. This makes the administration much easier for AMTRA and allows us to pass on the cost savings to SQPs and their employers.

From 1 December the late fee is £55. Anyone paying after 31 March must pay the reinstatement fee of £65.

For payments made online by 30 November, the fee for 2018 was £43 for a farm-SQP (SQP numbers including R, G, K or L) or £38 for all other SQPs, including the £2 discount, or £40/£45 to pay by other means.

Thank you to the vast majority of SQPs and their employers who pay their SQP renewal fees on time and/or online, both of which simplify our administration and yours. Paying online by 30 November saves those people a further £2 per SQP.

Payment is subject to AMTRA’s standard terms and conditions. All AMTRA fees are VAT exempt.


All SQPs are required to undertake a certain amount of CPD which has been accredited by AMTRA. The current two-year CPD period runs until 30 June 2019, by which time the required number of points must have been earned (or an exemption granted for exceptional circumstances). Those who didn’t earn the required number of points by 30 June 2019 won’t be able to renew their SQP status for 2020.

Code of Practice and VMD Guidance

All SQPs are required to abide by the current version of the Code of Practice: the latest version is dated April 2017. AMTRA’s Professional Standards Committee and Board will consider written complaints about AMTRA SQPs alleged to have breached the Code. More information on complaints procedures…

Additionally, SQPs are strongly encouraged to read relevant numbers of VMD’s veterinary medicines guidance, in particular the guidance on retail of veterinary medicines.

The SQP Code of Practice and VMD guidance for retailers are available in the front of the SQP version of the NOAH Compendium which has been sent to all AMTRA SQPs and to all student SQPs.

Responsible use of medicines

In order to help ensure that a minimum of information is collected for an anthelmintic prescription, AHDA, AMTRA and BVA have worked with SCOPS to produce suggested prescription forms for sheep anthelmintics.

Updating your contact details

Even though most SQPs are supported by their employers, your qualification is personal to you, and AMTRA will write to you at your home address.

Please remember that when you signed your enrolment form, you acknowledged the importance of keeping AMTRA advised of any change in personal details (such as name change) or if you move house – please do not expect your employer to do this for you. You can login to the AMTRA website and update your contact details at any time.

Veterinary Medicines Regulations

The main regulations are the Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2013 which came into force on 1 October 2013.

Your representatives

The AMTRA Council includes a number of people who have been elected by AMTRA SQPs to represent them on Council.

If you have questions or concerns or proposals for AMTRA, then of course do contact the AMTRA office. But if you would like to contact your representatives, please do so. More information on SQP representatives…

SQP Locums

AMTRA offers a short list of SQP locums (that is, someone who temporarily stands in for another SQP) to enable a business to continue to prescribe and supply POM-VPS and NFA-VPS medicines while the customary SQP is absent for whatever reason. More on SQP locums…

Data protection

You can read more about how AMTRA uses your information and how you can choose to opt out of receiving certain information on the data protection page.

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