RAMA Locums

From time to time AMTRA is asked whether it can provide details of RAMA (SQP) locums (that is, someone who temporarily stands in for another RAMA) to enable a business to continue to prescribe and supply POM-VPS and NFA-VPS medicines while the customary RAMA is absent for whatever reason.

The following individuals have said that they may be available to undertake RAMA locum work and would welcome appropriate contact from businesses interested in their services.

While the normal checks are in place as would be the case for any RAMA (e.g. requiring all RAMAs to pass an exam, keeping up to date including CPD, acceptance of the Code of Practice, paying the annual AMTRA fee), no additional checks by AMTRA have taken place on these individuals.

Any business or individual engaging a locum is advised to make their owns checks and seek appropriate assurances that prescribing and supply will be undertaken in a legal and ethical manner, and to consider whether insurance held is adequate. Conditions of employment are a matter for direct negotiation between the engaging business and the applicant. AMTRA accepts no responsibility for the suitability of individuals listed on this website, nor of contacts that may arise from such listing.

Note: the locations given below are the home location of the RAMAs – they may well be prepared to act outside these areas: please contact them for more details.

Victoria Booth (QR12528), Lincolnshire
01507 605924, 07468430250, [email protected]

Kayt Boyles, (QR16017), Northampton, Towcaster, Milton Keynes
0772 9217576, [email protected]

Linda Buxton (QE7114), Lancashire
01942 675475, 07786 118093, [email protected]com

Michelle Chivers, (QC32254), Glos.,  Oxfordshire
07943 483457, [email protected]

Lisa Clay (QC30289), South Yorkshire, Derbyshire
07508 878260, [email protected]

Emma Clark (QC34729), Oxford, Berks, Buckinghamshire
07828 017867, [email protected]

Charlotte Clifton (QC15302), Shrewsbury, Shropshire
07557 770793, [email protected]

Allison Colbert (QR15576), Northern Ireland
07902 233978, [email protected]

Hayley Coley (QR15740), Lincolnshire
07484 296598, [email protected]

Paul Cooper (QR15488), London & Herts
07401 442906, [email protected]

Victoria Dews (QEA15666), County Down, N. Ireland
07980 210612, [email protected] 

John Dickson (QR10469), North East England
07811 449034, [email protected]

Donna Gibson (QC51257) Inverness
07738 179061, [email protected]

Deborah Gilbertson (QEA14965) Cheshire
07736 665630, [email protected]

Vikas Girijan (QC31501) South Wales
07426 261083, [email protected]

Sarah Grantham (QR14222), Shropshire
07788 548729, [email protected]

Gary Gregory (QE32466), Cambs., & Norfolk
07754 575310, [email protected]

Adalia Ikiroma (QK80026), Aberdeen
07914 752747, [email protected]

Matthew Jolly (QR16338), Northumberland / North East
07836 345447, [email protected]

David Medcalf (QR11678), Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire & West Sussex
07810 800238, [email protected]

Shirley Nicholson (QR16707), South Cumbria, North Lancashire
0744 3528920, [email protected]

Kirsty Norman (QR17007), Somerset, Dorset & Wiltshire
07855 148340, [email protected]

Emma Parkinson (QR16996), Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcs.,& Welsh borders
07805 438940, [email protected]

Hayley Peters (QR14104), Kent/London
07947 733137, [email protected]

Heidi Platts (QR14703), Southern Scotland
07780 008799, [email protected]

Joanne Robinson (QR14142), Denbighshire
07974 181519, [email protected]

Qaiser Siddique (QR15574), Coventry
07411 279753, [email protected]l.com

Caoimhe Sweeney (QR90010), London,Herts. & Surrey
07715 595008, [email protected]

Allison Taylor (QE8313), Ayrshire
07792 553470, [email protected]

Leanne Ward (QR13917), Warwickshire
07891 693971, [email protected]

Yvonne Young (QE8426), Surrey
07875 374540, [email protected]

Jamie Hardaker (QC36377), West Yorkshire
07367 924013, [email protected]

James Ritson (QR13600), Southern Scotland and Northumberland
0738 807277, [email protected]

If any other SQP would like to be included on this page, please contact the AMTRA office. Inclusion on this list is currently free of charge.