AMTRA RAMA (SQP) Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

All AMTRA RAMAs (SQPs) are required to undertake Continuing Professional Development. The amount of CPD required depends on the category of RAMA and on when the RAMA qualified. With the exception of small amounts of personal study, all CPD must be accredited by AMTRA in advance. AMTRA will keep a record of CPD points accumulated by RAMAs, and those not achieving the required minimum will not be able to renew their AMTRA registration unless they pass a fresh exam.

Not enough CPD points? “CPD exam” to demonstrate continuing competency

Any AMTRA RAMA who does meet their minimum CPD requirements during an AMTRA CPD period must pass an exam to demonstrate continuing competency before they will be permitted to renew their AMTRA status for the following year. Additionally, those who wish to return to the AMTRA Register after an extended absence will normally have to pass this exam to demonstrate ongoing competency. Read more in the guidance for RAMAs.

Are you short a few points?

  • you can claim up to 5 points for relevant personal study – we will write to all AMTRA RAMAs in summer 2021 who are 5 or fewer points short of their target, inviting them to submit their claim.
  • you can claim additional points for relevant FE (level 3) or HE courses completed in the CPD period – Higher Education/Further Education CPD points claim form
  • if you were on long term sick leave or maternity leave for more than 6 months, a points reduction may be available – return the CPD points target reduction form along with suitable evidence
  • if you are a qualified veterinary nurse or pharmacy professional, you can claim up to 50% of your AMTRA CPD requirement from non-AMTRA-accredited CPD that supports your AMTRA RAMA role – return the Veterinary Nurse CPD claim form with certificates of attendance

Frequently Asked Questions about The AMTRA CPD Scheme

Updated 14 December 2020

1. What is CPD? Why do I need to do it?

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7. What happens if I don’t get enough points?

8. How do I know how many CPD points I’ve got?

9. What if the number of points you have recorded for me is wrong?

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12. How do CPD points get onto my CPD record?

13. Can I carry over CPD points from one period to the next?

14. Can I get credit for CPD taken before I qualify as an AMTRA RAMA?

15. What about veterinary nurses and pharmacy professionals who are RAMAs?

16. Can I gain points more than once for the same content from the same provider?

17. Will AMTRA be extending the CPD period in the light of Covid-19?