Will AMTRA be extending the CPD period in the light of Covid-19?

We do not intend to do so. It is possible that there could be some face-to-face events in perhaps May or June 2021, but we urge you not to rely on that, and if it eventually comes, to regard it as a bonus opportunity.

We know that the workload for many RAMAs has been intensive in 2020 due to changes in work patterns, with some of you working remotely, and shortage of staff in some businesses. If you normally rely on face-to-face CPD, then the removal of that is a challenge, a different way of doing things that you may not like, but please embrace the opportunity – it means no travelling time or costs, a wider range of subject matter and methods of delivery.

If you are less comfortable with online CPD, perhaps with poor broadband or lack of computer equipment, then please think now about how you are going to gain your CPD, and don’t leave it till the last minute.

The AMTRA Council considered in June and December 2020 whether the extraordinary circumstances justified an extension to the CPD deadline, currently 30 June 2021. Council concluded that, while understanding the pressures faced, we do not intend to extend the deadline – there is still plenty of time, and lots of online and other opportunities.