How many points do I need to earn in each CPD period?

During each CPD period, AMTRA RAMAs must earn a minimum number of CPD points. The number of points that each RAMA type will be required to obtain during each CPD period is indicated below.
Anyone who qualifies in the second half of 2019 will still need to get the full number of points shown. Those who become RAMAs in 2020 will need only achieve half the number of points given below by June 2021; those who become RAMAs in the first half of 2021 will have no formal CPD obligation for this period. (See also the following answers on full allocation of points, and on adding modules, for more details.)
Category Species CPD Points
R All species 80 points
G Farm animals and equines only 60 points
K Farm and companion animals only 60 points
E Equines and companion animals only 50 points
L Farm animals only 50 points
J Equines only 30 points
C Companion animals only 30 points
A Avian only 30 points
CA Companion and avian only 40 points
JA Equine and avian only 40 points
EA Equine, companion and avian only 60 points
FAM – Farm Animal Module; EQM – Equine Module; CAM – Companion Animal Module; AVM – Avian Module


There is no maximum number of CPD points – all RAMAs are encouraged to undertake as much CPD as they can.