How can I obtain CPD points?

a) Attending AMTRA-accredited CPD seminars – the seminars need not be run by AMTRA (most aren’t) but must be accredited by AMTRA in advance. Live webinars (online seminars) count in the same way as ordinary seminars.

b) Distance learning supported by multiple choice quizzes – i.e. by reading or watching supportive material and answering sets of accredited questions, such as online or in magazines. Recorded webinars (i.e. not shown live with scope for interaction) and other videos with accompanying multiple-choice questions are included in this category;

c) Personal study – this may be of AMTRA training modules, updated Code of Practice, magazine articles, IT expertise, etc. AMTRA recognises the increasing professionalism of its RAMAs and will accept a degree of self-certification of this form of CPD. However, only 5 points may be allocated to personal study in any CPD period. RAMAs are required to maintain a record of this activity for inspection if required.

d) Relevant Further Education or Higher Educational qualifications – RAMAs gaining a relevant FE or HE qualification within the CPD period may claim one CPD point for each academic credit. Evidence of the qualification will be required, and should be submitted along with the Higher Education/Further Education CPD points claim form.

See also Q16 if you are a vet nurse or pharmacy professional.