Compulsory CPD – Legal and Professional Duties of SQPs

All SQPs who qualify by the end of 2016 have to undertake a refresher CPD module on the legal and professional duties of SQPs.

All SQPs reading this will know that doing CPD is a requirement to maintain the SQP status. A small number didn’t get enough points in the last CPD period, and of those a number are finding the “CPD exam” challenging – and it’s not cheap, either. We would rather no-one had to take that exam because everyone met the minimum targets, so please make sure that isn’t you when we get to the summer of 2017.

Additionally, all SQPs (who qualify by the end of 2016) must take a particular module, a reminder of SQPs’ legal and professional duties, by the end of June 2017. Even if you have hundreds of points, you must also have this module. At the time of writing, almost 4500 of you have done so, but that leaves about 2000 who haven’t.

There have been various opportunities to do the compulsory module at events around the country in 2015-17. More events are planned, including:
  • during the AMTRA/AHDA CPD roadshow in May and June 2017
  • during the BETA CPD roadshow in the first half of 2017
We continue to explore other options, and we will announce any other routes when they are available – watch out for more announcements.
In the meantime, for most people the easiest way to access the module is via a FREE recorded webinar, at the end of which you’ll need to answer a few questions to show you were paying attention.
If you want to do it online, please read the instructions below, and follow them carefully:

  1. go to, select Webinar Archive, and choose Free Webinars – or just click this link
  2. click the green “Watch This Webinar” button next to “The Code in Practice – keeping yourself compliant”
  3. click the big yellow “Click here to claim my spot” button
  4. Fill in your details, then click “Register now”, and check your emails for a registration email.
  5. Once you’ve got the registration email, you can log in to the SQP Webinars website and access the webinar.

With SQPs, rightly, always the target of scrutiny to make sure the role is being carried out appropriately and professionally, it is a good opportunity to be reminded of the duties and responsibilities of the job. Even a few somewhat reluctant attendees have told us afterwards that it was a worthwhile refresher.

So why not get it sorted now?

Important notes

  1. The recorded webinar is hosted by SQP Webinars – this is not part of AMTRA or the AMTRA website
  2. You need to register with SQP Webinars, as described above, to gain access to the free webinar – you cannot use your AMTRA website login details
  3. This webinar is free of charge. SQP Webinars also provide a chargeable subscription service which we suggest you consider as an excellent means of getting a variety of good CPD without the need to travel, but that is optional. You do not need to pay to access this free webinar (but you do need to register with them).
  4. If you have technical difficulties, please contact SQP Webinars, not AMTRA. You can contact them on 01513 240580 or