Becoming an AMTRA RAMA (SQP): enrol with AMTRA

Once you’ve read the material on this website and are sure you want to become an AMTRA RAMA (SQP), complete an enrolment form (online form for standard students, online form for veterinary nurses, or a paper form to print and return) with the appropriate fee: payment for enrolment is subject to our standard terms and conditions.

You should select which type of RAMA you wish to become:

Category Species Fee from 1/1/2020
R All species £441
G farm animals & equines £419
K farm & companion animals £419
E equines & companion animals £375
L farm animals only £397
J equines only £353
C companion animals only £353
A avian only £353
CA companion animals and avian £375
JA equine and avian £375
EA companion, equine and avian £397

Since qualified Veterinary Nurses already have been assessed on some of the relevant material in this qualification they can be given credit for this and just have to be assessed on the “new” material and the working understanding of their other knowledge checked. More information for Veterinary Nurses…

Non-qualified nurses and other veterinary practice staff can also become RAMAs but they will have to enrol as a new student via the normal route as for other candidate RAMAs.

The enrolment fee includes:

  • the examination fee (provided the exam is taken within 24 months of enrolment) – including the fee paid to the exam centre and the fee paid to Harper Adams for providing the exam and marking it.
  • the AMTRA assessment fee (including the oral examination)
  • the price of the training material
  • the Harper Adams assessment/credit rating/quality control fee
  • an AMTRA RAMA version of the NOAH Compendium containing data sheets of those medicines which qualified RAMAs can prescribe
  • inclusion on the AMTRA Register for the remainder of the calendar year of the examination
  • access to AMTRA services and to Continuing Professional Development

It will be necessary to sit the exam within 24 months of enrolment otherwise AMTRA will charge a supplementary fee.

Receive from AMTRA a printed home-study manual

We will send by courier a printed manual for you to study with the appropriate modules depending on which species groups you have selected at enrolment.

You will also, separately, receive from Harper Adams University details of how to access an online version of the training manual, including your individual password. If you lose this or have difficulties accessing the online system, please contact Harper Adams: Telephone: +44 (0)1952 815008, email: [email protected]

Home study from the printed manual and the online system may be supplemented in some cases by training provided by your employer.

As an optional supplement, book directly with a training venue a taught course

To supplement the printed training manual, most students find it highly advantageous to undertake a taught course provided by a specialist educational centre or trainer and a list of these courses is available on the AMTRA website.

It is up to you whether to attend a course: the training centre will charge a fee for this. Courses should be booked directly with the training centre.


Becoming an AMTRA RAMA (SQP): How the process works

  • Introduction
  • Enrol with AMTRA (this page)
  • Book an exam – including the first exam, separate sittings, re-sits, the viva (oral exam), the farm animal module, withdrawal/cancellation fees
  • Exam results – including when you will get your results, and more on re-sits
  • What happens next – including CPD, annual fees, keeping AMTRA updated, upgrades (adding extra modules), and premises registration