AMTRA forms

In the various pages of this website, we’ve linked to the relevant forms in context. As an alternative means of accessing them for those who are familiar with the system and just need the forms, this page brings together all the AMTRA forms in one place, but without the explanatory background.

A01 SQP student enrolment form (November 2017) To enrol any person with AMTRA as a student SQP. This must be done before an exam is booked. See enrol with AMTRA for more.
A02 Upgrade enrolment form (October 2017) To enrol for module(s) additional to those for which the individual was originally enrolled. See the upgrades page for more.
A03 First exam booking form (October 2017) To book for the first attempt(s) at module(s). An enrolment form must have been submitted first (or can be submitted at the same time). [This form is also in the training manual of every SQP.] See the exam booking page for more.
A04 Individual modules exam booking form (October 2017) For any exams that are not the first time a student has sat any SQP exams: re-sits, upgrades, and separate sittings. See the exam booking page for more.
A06 CPD Exam booking form (October 2017) For SQPs who don’t get enough CPD points but want to continue as an SQP, and for those previously qualified but who’ve been absent for an extended period. See the CPD page for more.
A07 Farm animal project submission form (September 2016) To accompany a farm animal project (assignment), for those taking the “old” (pre-March 2017) version of the Farm Animal exam.
A08 Student SQP withdrawal and transfer form (October 2017) For a student SQP withdrawing within six months who wishes to transfer their enrolment to another candidate.
A09 Veterinary Nurse CPD claim form (July 2017) For Veterinary Nurses and Pharmacy Professionals to claim additional AMTRA CPD points for CPD undertaken as part of their other professional obligations. See the CPD page for more.
A10 CPD points target reduction form (August 2017) For SQPs who have been absent (e.g. on maternity leave or long-term sick leave) for more than 6 months in the current CPD period and wish to apply for a reduction in their CPD points target. See the CPD page for more.
A11 CPD accreditation application form (May 2011) For providers of CPD to apply to AMTRA for accreditation of their seminar or distance learning material. See CPD organisers page for more.
A13 Higher Education/Further Education CPD points claim form (December 2013) For SQPs who have gained Higher Education or Further Education (at level 3 or above) qualifications relevant to their SQP role to claim additional AMTRA CPD points in recognition of gaining those qualifications. See the CPD page for more.
VMD’s SQP Retailers Premises application form To apply to VMD for approval of premises to retail supply veterinary medicinal products by SQPs. See premises page for more.