About Amtra

AMTRA is an independent regulatory body (a non-profit company limited by guarantee) which works to ensure that AMTRA SQPs prescribe and supply VPS animal medicines in the UK in a responsible manner.

Under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations AMTRA is appointed by the Secretary of State to keep a register of Suitably Qualified Persons. AMTRA’s tasks include:

  • working with Harper Adams University to develop and maintain a qualification syllabus at Higher Education Level 4 which meets the needs of SQPs and the requirements of the Secretary of State
  • working with training centres to support course provision
  • provision of information and advice to AMTRA SQPs
  • maintenance of the Register of AMTRA SQPs
  • monitoring and accreditation of continuing professional development for AMTRA SQPs
  • regulation of professional conduct (including powers to suspend registration or strike off the Register for misconduct)

AMTRA Constitutional Framework Documents