The AMTRA Board and Council

The AMTRA Board

Philip Sketchley (Chairman)
Peter Rudman (Vice-Chairman)
John Blackwell – nominee of the British Veterinary Association
Andrew Cairns – nominee of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Bryan Lovegrove – nominee of the Animal Health Distributors Association
Catherine McLaughlin – nominee of the National Farmers Union
Donal Murphy – nominee of the National Office of Animal Health
Claire Williams – nominee of the British Equine Trade Association

The AMTRA Council

The AMTRA Council is intended to be broad in its representation and input, advising both the Board and the secretariat.
The Council includes all AMTRA Board members plus:
  • Pamela Mosedale (representative of the AMTRA Assessors)
  • Plus 6 SQP representatives – the current six have come to the end of their terms, and an election will be held at the end of January 2020. The six at the end of their terms are Andrew Pattison (farm animal SQP representative), Craig Smith (companion animal SQP representative), David Taylor (farm animal SQP representative), Kirsty McGovern (equine SQP representative), Sharon Groves (companion animal SQP representative), and Alison Holloway (veterinary nurse SQP representative)
  • Observer: John Donaldson, Harper Adams University
  • Observer: Paul Green, Veterinary Medicines Directorate

AMTRA Secretariat

Stephen Dawson, Secretary General
John Greenstreet, IT & Communications Executive
Lesley Cooper, Executive Officer
Sue Cutler, Administrative Officer