Upgrades - adding extra modules

Information about renewing your RAMA status for 2020 was sent to all AMTRA RAMAs on 10 October, by email or by post. Anyone wanting to continue to act as an AMTRA RAMA after 31 December 2019 should have paid their Annual renewal fee or had it paid by their employer by 30 November to avoid late fees. VMD will be notified of those for whom no payment had been made.

If your initial enrolment with AMTRA was for anything other than an R (i.e. an all-species RAMA), you may subsequently decide to add one or more of the other species modules. (Note that this is more expensive than enrolling for all the modules at the start.)

Like the initial enrolment, this is essentially a two-stage administrative process:

1. Enrol with AMTRA for the upgrade

Send us the Upgrade enrolment form and training manual with the additional modules. with the additional modules.

If you wish, you can book a supplementary training course - remember that this is a separate process, and if you book a training course you must still enrol with AMTRA for the upgrade, and book an exam with AMTRA.

2. Book the upgrade exam

Select an exam date from the List of Exams, and then send us your Individual modules Exam booking form.