Qualification process - Introduction

Pen-and-paper written exams

At the time of writing, December 2020, pen-and-paper (i.e. not online) exams are not currently being offered, but the following information is retained in case that option returns.

Written exam duration

  • Base Module (written examination, 1½ hours)
  • Farm Animal Module (written examination, 2 hours)
  • Equine Module (written examination, 1¼ hours)
  • Companion Animal Module (written examination, 1¼ hours)
  • Avian Module (written examination, 1¼ hours)
  • Veterinary Nurse module (written examination, 2 hours)

You will be provided with a copy of the AMTRA RAMA version of the NOAH Compendium in the exam room. The Compendium includes a copy of the SQP Code of Practice and VMD’s guidance on "Retail of veterinary medicines". Exam questions in the Base module which relate to legislation take account of the fact that the Code of Practice and the guidance will be available in the exam room (since you will have a Compendium), with appropriate emphasis on understanding and implementation of the Code rather than on factual knowledge.

Exam centres are suitable for access by wheelchair or by others with mobility difficulties, but if this is likely to be relevant to you, please contact Harper Adams University before your exam.