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All AMTRA SQPs are required to undertake Continuing Professional Development. The amount of CPD required depends on the type of SQP and on when the SQP qualified. With the exception of small amounts of personal study, all CPD must be accredited by AMTRA in advance. AMTRA will keep a record of CPD points accumulated by SQPs, and those not achieving the required minimum will not be able to renew their SQP registration unless they pass a fresh exam.

CPD quizzes

In the CPD period running from July 2015 to June 2017, SQPs can gain their minimum CPD points from whatever type of AMTRA-accredited CPD suits them best, without the need for the former minimum from attending seminars. Written or audiovisual material accompanied by a set of multiple-choice questions is one popular way to gain CPD.

A range of organisations provide such CPD including the following. Other providers also offer such material from time to time.


Several CPD modules in each magazine, plus the additional benefit that CPD modules previously published in the magazine are still available on their website.


CPD articles and quizzes in some editions - the latest CPD is available on their website.


Monthly parasite forecast and disease bulletin gaining CPD points - available via their website.

Bayer's CPD website for SQPs has five modules and a total of 14 AMTRA CPD points available. The five modules are: understanding endoparasites, understanding ectoparasites, pet travel, dispensing & pharmacy management, and Angiostrongylus vasorum.

MSD's archive of its TRADEdge bulletins offers a valuable resource, with the most recent bulletins still carrying 2 CPD points each. Sign up and MSD will send you each bulletin as it becomes available.

 Novartis Animal Health As the year unfolds, different parasites begin to affect sheep and cattle. The Novartis Animal Health Parasite Matters Bulletin provides an overview of each of the key parasites facing farmers during the coming months. Click here to register on the Farm Animal Health website, view the Bulletins and take the quizzes online to earn CPD points.

Please note that modules formerly accepted by the magazine Animal Health Advisor (which ceased publication in 2014) are no longer accepted by the publisher and should not be submitted.

Compulsory CPD module

In the current CPD period (July 2015 to June 2017), all SQPs (who are qualified by the end of December 2016) must participate in an AMTRA-accredited module on the legal and professional duties of SQPs.

We are making this available in a number of formats. Click here to find out more...

CPD events open to all SQPs

Where asked to do so by the CPD organiser, AMTRA will publish on its website information on accredited CPD seminars available to SQPs. Most seminars are publicised by other means.

BETA CPD Roadshow January to June 2017

This CPD programme has been designed with the commercial retailer in mind. CPD may be a professional requirement but it can also be a profitable investment. For some, this could come from utilising the opportunities now available from social media in order to improve engagement with horse and pet owners. For others, there may be new sales opportunities from new practices in nematode control.

The general day (equine and companion animal) also includes the compulsory session required of all SQP’s undertaking CPD covering regulatory issues and SQP responsibilities. It will be a busy day, but should give new inspiration and have an element of fun. You also get 50 CPD points!

Avian – this is a day-long module worth 41 CPD points. This can be done as a stand alone CPD day, or delegates can attend the day and then go on to sit an exam to gain qualification as an 'A-SQP' on top of their existing qualification. Exam dates for Stoneleigh are available from BETA or AMTRA (it would not be on the same day as the CPD event).

  • 17 January (General), Scotch Corner, North Yorkshire
  • 8 February (General), Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire
  • 8 March (General), Westpoint, Exeter, Devon
  • 22 March (Avian), Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire
  • 4 April (General), Kent Showground, Maidstone, Kent
  • 25 April (General), Cambridgeshire
  • 9 May (General), Perth Racecourse, Perth, Scotland
  • 10 May (General), Carlisle, Cumbria
  • 6 June (General), Lancashire
  • 20 or 21 June (General), South East England
  • 28 June (General), Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

For more details or to book your place, download the booking form.

Online Modules, currently available on VBMS's SQP Training website

VBMS offer a range of AMTRA-accredited training courses.

SQPs who have an email address registered with AMTRA can login here:  https://sqptraining.learnupon.com/users/sign_in 

The SQP Training website is provided by VBMS, specialists in online training. Courses are provided free of charge and available to all SQPs who have provided a unique email address to AMTRA and agreed to share their contact details.

Courses will generally only be offered to SQPs with species qualifications that match each course, e.g. only farm animal qualified SQPs will be offered farm animal based courses.

As per AMTRA rules, SQPs will only be credited once with points for each course completed within a 12 month period, regardless of the format taken (face to face or online). In order to check which courses you have completed and when you may be eligible to retake courses to earn new CPD points, please login to your AMTRA account.

Webinars from The Webinar Vet - live and now recorded too

"The Webinar Vet" organisation run a series of live webinars (online seminars) aimed at SQPs, offering SQPs a practical way to get AMTRA CPD points - more details of the planned webinars are at www.sqpwebinars.com .
In addition to the live events listed on their website, SQP Webinars offer a growing archive of recorded webinars which also gain AMTRA CPD points - some of them free of charge.

Each webinar normally costs to £30 attend – just visit the SQP Webinars website in advance and click "purchase webinar".

Further webinars will be added to the schedule from time to time - details will be at www.sqpwebinars.com - but in the meantime do check out the archive of recorded webinars.

Webinars allow you to gain your CPD with a fraction of the cost and effort of travelling to a physical seminar.

Most of the webinars that have taken place so far have each been worth 8 points of CPD but all are subject to accreditation and in future other webinars might have a different points award. You must watch them live and must log in under your own name to prove you have attended. There is also a quiz that you must answer to gain the CPD points.

These courses normally cost £30 plus VAT. To book your place, just visit www.sqpwebinars.com

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